Collision Risk Management

Collision Risk Management

Operational collision risk management is now an essential component of space mission operations. Most spacecraft operators have some semblance of a process to evaluate and mitigate high-risk conjunction events. As the size of the space object catalog increases, satellite operators will be faced with more conjunction events to evaluate. Thus more sophisticated collision threat characterization and collision avoidance strategies must be implemented.

SpaceNav’s Collision Risk Management software enables spacecraft operators to analyze and qualify high interest conjunction events. The software tools produce various figures and graphs which aid in analyzing the event data. Optimal avoidance maneuver solutions are generated for a user defined set of goals and constraints.

Key Features of the SpaceNav Collision Risk Management solution:
  • Collision probability analysis tools
  • Event trending and forecasting
  • Database storage and archiving
  • Rules-based approach to threat characterization
  • Automated summary report that provides ‘action statements’ to be carried-out by mission stakeholders
  • Flexible, modular design that easily allows for integration with other tools and ground systems
  • Optimal collision avoidance algorithms

The SpaceNav collision risk management software is comprised of 2 major functional components:

Collision Threat Characterization
Collision Avoidance