Engineering Services

Engineering Services

SpaceNav engineers have technical expertise spanning prototyping, development, test and operations. We follow complete systems engineering practices, and provide subject matter experts to the requirements development process. We understand the software build lifecycle, and apply our internal software development procedures.

We leverage theoretical expertise in areas of astrodynamics, probability and statistics, and optimization in the areas of mission planning, modeling and simulation, and flight operations for space systems. Our heritage stems from providing mission planning and mission operations to MDA, DoD and NASA customers.

Systems / Software Engineering
  • Systems Level Requirements Development and Analysis
  • Oversight of Test and Evaluation
  • Concept of Operations and Interface Control Document Development
  • Launch Readiness Planning

Modeling & Simulation
  • Spacecraft mission Design
  • Trajectory Optimization
  • Algorithm Development
  • Matlab-based Prototyping

Orbit Analysis Mission Operations
  • Operations Concept Development
  • Orbit Estimation
  • Collision Threat Characterization Analysis
  • Maneuver Planning
  • Training & Procedures